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Broad Action Programs

Strategic Thrusts of the NIHFC

NIHFC BAPs are designed to propel the NIHFC to the next level of performance.  With input from members, the Board and funding from the NIHFC Master Budget, BAPs provide insight for investors and prospective members as to the vision and direction that the NIHFC is taking.

BAPs: Technology

BAP 1 - New Generation Coop


Major Benefits of Joining NIHFC NGC

  • Ready made markets for your specialty crop.

  • Not-for-profit so all the profits gets returned to its members annually.

BAP 2 - Phytoremediation and Mining

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BAP 3 - Strategic Membership


As a New Generation Coop, the NIHFC must be disciplined to ensure that the right members join.  We are looking for growers/farmers that will do what it takes to provide the NIHFC with the volume of crops they have committed to according to their Delivery Rights

BAP 4 - Light Manufacturing Value Chain


Building on the research & development conducted by AHC with the Desert Research Institute in 2021, the NIHFC will be exploring opportunities to utilize industrial hemp to phytoremediate contaminated soils. 

BAP 3 - Strategic Membership

The NIHFC will attract off takers that can bring reliable processes that will result in products that the NIHFC can market.  Based on measuring what is being managed, the NIHFC will ensure that quality is built into the end to end supply chain and that it meets customer orders.

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