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Membership Plans

  • Growers/Farmer

    Every year
    You are the reason for the NIHFC
    • Ready made markets for your specialty crop
    • Ability to buy preferred stock that can appreciate
    • One share = One Delivery Right (DR) your pledge of crop size
    • Don't have the cash, make a downpayment. Pay off over time
    • You, the member grower/farmer's crop is treated first
    • Best price possible through combining members's DRs.
  • Off Takers (Handler)

    Every year
    Processors or those that are on the cultivation team
    • Assured supply
    • Quality built into the end to end process.
    • Flexible contracting - ability to defer delivery if needed
    • Preferred stock allows annual profit-sharing
    • Can attract out of state crop volumes
    • Can share in USDA grants that become assets to the NIHFC
    • 24% collective ownership of the NIHFC.
    • Able to pool resources as members within the NIHFC. Exempt.
  • Investors

    Every year
    24% prorated ownership based on invested dollars
    • Receive dividends up to 8%
    • Preferred shares prorated to your investment
    • Regulators tend to leave COOPs alone.
    • Invest a minimum of $10,000 per year

Disclaimer: The NIHFC does not promise stock appreciation each year. This depends on the decisions of the memberhip and Board.

Membership Plans: PaidPlans
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