NIHFC Board of Directors

Within our New Generation Cooperative, the Board plays a key role in making sure that management discipline is in place.  The Board will determine the number of Preferred share of stock are issued and that the value of those assets maintain the highest prices possible.

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Teri Bath

  • Seasoned entrepreneur

  • Broad Nevada Network

  • Former CEO Sun Sciences

  • Former President Nevada Vines and Wines

  • NIHFC Executive Steering Committee

  • Legal Subcommittee

  • Finance/Human Relations Subcommittee

  • Operations Subcommittee

  • Research & Development Subcommittee


      Vice President

Position is Open

If you are interested in applying for the position of Vice President and willingly go through the qualifications process, please send an email to to start the process.  If certain qualifications are met, you may result in being invited to join the Board of the NIHFC.



Debbie Gallagher

  • Seasoned bookkeeping specialist

  • Finance/HR Subcommittee

  • Operations Subcommittee



Bob Daniell

  • Former National Forecasting Manager Johnson and Johnson

  • Former Computer Integrated Manufacturing Manager Dun & Bradstreet

  • Former VP Supply Chain Manager Siemens North American

  • Former CEO Supply Chain Associates

  • 25 years industry / 18 years DoD Continuous Process Improvement

  • SCOR Master Instructor Association of Supply Chain Management

  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

  • President & COO American Hemp Corporation

  • Secretary American Water Trust

  • Government Subcommittee

  • Operations Subcommittee

  • Research & Development Subcommittee


Board Member

John Sheldon

  • First regenerative farm in Montana

  • Industrial hemp farmer

  • Former CEO Acquaprawnics fish farming

  • Seasoned entrepreneur

  • New Generation Cooperative

  • Legal Subcommittee

  • Finance Subcommittee

  • Operations Subcommittee


Board Member

Jonathan Butts

  • Business Owner Triple9 LLC

  • CEO Natural Action Technologies

  • VP American Water Trust

  • Agricultural Process Engineering SME

  • Water Revitalization SME

  • Operations Subcommittee

  • Research & Development Subcommittee

Board Member

Joe Frey

  • Fourth generation farmer

  • CEO Western States Hemp

  • Corporate jet pilot

  • Hemp grower

  • Regenerative farming practitioner

  • Research & Development Subcommittee